Our People

The Microcells team of some 150 employees is the heart of the business. It is their hard work and commitment that drives growth, innovation and development which propels the business forward. We believe that an empowered and engaged workforce is the key to great customer relationships and value creation. Therefore employee satisfaction, safety and empowerment is at the core of all we do.
Inclusion and equality are important to us and this is reflected in the diversity of our workforce which brings together people from the different religions, communities and regions of Sri Lanka. As an equal opportunity employer we provide opportunities for those from varying social backgrounds, age and promote gender diversity. Female representation in our workforce is relatively high at 49%.
Furthermore, our workforce has a diverse mix of skills and industry experience. We believe that a diverse workforce encourages creativity and broader perspectives enabling us to solve problems faster and serve our customers better.
At Microcells, we empower our employees by encouraging them to take responsibility for the work they do and allow a certain degree of autonomy in problem solving. Additionally, all our employees are encouraged to voice their opinion and share their ideas for the betterment of the Company.
Safety and wellbeing of our workers is paramount and all employees are provided with the safety gear required for the job they perform. Considering that our employees hail from different regions of the country we provide housing at a concessionary rate close to our factory and office premises ensuring their safety and comfort. Microcells is committed to adopting best practices in the enhancement and development of our people as we journey onwards together.