Fingertip Mat

  • This rubber floor mat is UV resistant and is ideal in an outdoor environment.
  • Resilient rubber fingertips wipe off and trap dirt, mud, grit and sand from footwear.
  • Fingertip sensation encourages wiping of feet whilst walking.
  • No-trip safety beveled edges.
  • Remains flexible in cold weather.
  • Strong construction prevents movement of mat.
  • Easy clean up compared to carpet fiber mats.

Environment: Dry & Wet
Industry: Restaurants, Bars, Shopping Malls, Sports and Recreation Centers, Train Stations
Customization: Labeling, Material Composition
Available Size: 24″x 32″ (61cm x 81cm), 32″ x 39″ (81cm x 99cm), 28″ x 46″ (71cm x 117cm), 36″ x 60″ (91cm x 152cm), 36″ x 72″ (91cm x 182cm)
Available Thickness: 14mm (1.4cm)
Available Finish: Fingertips
Material Composition: Natural Rubber
Standards Complied with: REACH, RoHS, Cal Prop 65
Methods of Installation: Laying

Product Category


Mats Application

Entrance & General Purpose Mats


Dry, Wet


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