Safe and Environmentally Friendly

As a responsible company, we are aware that the end consumers of our products will be concerned about their family’s health, safe labor practices and the environment.

What goes into each rubber mat or sheet is just as important as the product itself. We do not use materials which are hazardous to the environment and are dangerous in terms of occupational exposure during production. In this regard, we have been accredited with internationally recognized certifications such as REACH and RoHS, as well as California Proposition 65, which prohibits the use of over 900 harmful chemicals.

Microcells strives to make the greenest products and reduce the environmental impact of our operations. A large portion of the raw materials used in our production are from recycled products, which helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste and conserve valuable resources. In order to lower our carbon footprint, materials that can be sourced locally in Sri Lanka are prioritized.